Parenting Course: Connected Parents, Thriving Kids

For those who want the very best for their families, the highly successful parenting course from the USA: “Connected Parents, Thriving Kids” is coming to the Netherlands. It will be offered in English for foreign parents living in the Netherlands. The first course will start in Haarlem in September /October 2013. There will be an introductory workshop in Haarlem on Saturday September 14th. Look for details on the Agenda. Location will be announced one week before. Registration is necessary, please call or email on contact page. Courses in  Dutch will follow soon afterwards.

As parents, we want to provide a great life for our children We do everything we can to provide them with what we think is best for them: nutricious food, good schooling, healthy parenting. The question is, what is “healthy”parenting? We only have the experience of our own childhoods to fall back on. Sometimes, without even realizing it, we are repeating the patterns that we swore we would never pass on to our children.
The Top 3 goals of parents:Healthy parenting is not taught in school, and not everybody is born with an innate, “natural” talent for being parents. These days many parents want to learn and know more about what works best when raising a child, consciously. For example: most parents know that beating a child is not a “conscious” solution, in any circumstance. So, what are conscious solutions? What are the best tools to solve issues with your children? Do punishments or Time-Outs help? Most parents struggle with ways to raise their children that do not repress or stiffle their childrens personality and yet still enable their children to fit in to our modern and complex society.

iStock_Family miscommunication kl

  • To let their child be himself and still be happy and healthy
  • To create a healthy relationship with their child
  • To help their child develop his or her full potential

The top 3 things that pparents struggle with:

  • How can I make my child listen to me?
  • How can I keep a pleasant atmosphere in our home?
  • How can I deal with the emotions of my child and myself?

The secret is to learn to ‘read’ what is going on for your child and to use constructive ways of communicating with them. This applies not only to your child, but also to your partner. We, as parents, are role models for our children. The first place our children learn about dealing with conflict is by watching us, their parents.

In this course, you will learn effective communication techniques that will improve the connection between all members of the family – right from the start. What makes this course different from other parenting courses is this: not only the relationship with your children improves, but also the relationship with your partner. In creasingly, you and your partner will be on the same page when it comes to raising your children, which is very important for your children’s well being.

You will discover that:iStock_happy family kl

  • Structure is important
  • Punishment or Time-Out are not necessary for healthy parenting
  • Getting your child to listen to you has everything to do with how you listen to your child.
  • You dont have to raise your voice to be heard.
  • A few basic skills and “game rules”make a huge difference.

For best results it is recommended that you take this course together with your partner.

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